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Plants for the underground storage of Flammable Hydrocarbon based Chemicals

Vandokem Chemical Engineering is a specialist chemical engineering design and project managment Office working in association with Greenacres Group to design, deliver, install and commission turn-key Bulk Chemical Storage and material Handling plants in accordance with the SANS and OSHACT requirements for safe storage of hazardous and flammable chemicals.

Plant Projects already executed in SA include:

  • R600 (Iso-Butane) storage system and reticulation in a domestic refrigeration manufacturing facility.
  • C-Pentane (Cyclo-pentane) underground storage of highly flammable and explosive blowing agent used in the manufature of rigid polyurethane insulation foams.
  • Materials handling equipment for hazardous chemical applications.

From turn-key project management of projects including civil works to completion of any part thereof, we develop solutions specific to customer requirements within the SA manufacturing and legal compliance environment.

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