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Circular Log Saws for Tissue Converting

Greenacres Group has added another global brand leader to our stable of cutting tools for the Tissue Converting Industry. TKM is a well known manufacturer of high-quality log saw blades, able to supply log saw blades with diameters up to 1200mm. We distribute and supply log saw blades for all existing log saw machines, e.g. Fabio-Perini, PCMC, Futura, CMG (Gambini), Kawanoe Zoki, Bretting, Bao Suo, Dechangyu, MTC, Lyisch and others.

Each log saw blade is inspected and measured with respect to all dimensional values by the most modern automated inspection equipment available. The most critical of these values are; axial and radial run-out. These values are stamped on each blade and recodred in a product tracking system for traceability.

Log saw blades are supplied in various material grades as standard according to customer requirement and can additionally be offered with a specially hardened surface coating for high wear applications.

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