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Hennecke Technical Centre - Plant Demo during INTERZUM Cologne Hennecke Technical Centre - Plant Demo during INTERZUM Cologne


Hennecke GmbH of Sankt-Augustin Germany, invited visitors attending the INTERZUM furniture trade fair held in Cologne, to the production demonstration at their Technical Center in Birlinghoven where the J-FLEX continuous slabstock foaming plant was displayed.

The J-FLex technology has been in development for several years with numerous plants already delivered to customers around the globe. Latest improvements include increased production speeds of up to 2.5 m/min and lower density foams being possible in addition to the standard polyether based foams, HR foams and visco-elastic foams already produced with this technology.

Greenacres Group accompanied a delegation of customers from the Southern Africa Region who were particularly interested in the J-Flex technology. Main advantages were the efficient use of space and low investment required in tank-farm infra-structure and buildings when compared with a conventional continuous foaming line. The complete production line extends about 23m in length and 6 m in width, including the block end-off cutting equipment ABLG-1 and ancillairy chemical tanks / IBC's.

The fine-cell foam structure achieved and the rectangular block shape delivered by the Hennecke flat top system, were points that impressed all the cusomers, in attendance from various countries around the globe.

At the demonstration, the new ABLG-1 block end off cutter was also demonstrated.

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